This re-branding campaign was about pushing the Unions from anti-everything to Pro-Something that connects us all; work.The site is a thing of beauty. Built with B-Reel, it puts the user at the heart of the story, making them real American heroes, with their own manifesto, animations, and poster to hang at their job. Watch the video, or just visit it yourself.
The website was awarded with a One Show Silver Pencil and FWA Site of The Day

For the TV ad, we featured real Union workers in still photos by award-winning photographer Bill Zelman. The copy was versioned from a new manifesto created for the campaign.

As part of the AFL-CIO re-branding effort, we wanted to show that everyone contributes through work, whether they're executives or manual labourers.
We asked high-level Union execs, politicians and celebrities to create short thank you videos (see Martin Sheen thanking the lady who delivers his newspaper below). 
We supported this with sharable Thank You cards launched on labor day to let people thank each other for the work they do. This became an evergreen execution, that gets refreshed seasonally.