I ran the Youth Marketing campaign for Obama in 2012 at SS+K. I met literally every famous person in America, saw Stevie Wonder perform like three times, and show a print campaign on my iPhone. But the highlight was this. 

I got an hour with Lena Dunham to shoot a spot for Obama. This is what we came up with.

#3 commercial of 2012
-Time Magazine

"[It] appears to have won the presidential election."
-LA Times

• +2.5 Million views.
• Webby Winner, Cannes Shortlist
• Most viewed political ad by 1.625MM in first week it aired.
(more than the next 5 combined)
•1.25 million more youth votes for Obama than 2008.

When a partner asked who would be a great candidate for a video focused on first-time voters, we pushed for Lena Dunham for obvious reasons (and Daenerys Targaryen for personal ones). Working with a solid structure, we gave Lena a ton of wild lines, which she added to with her solid improvised work. It was a funny, dirty, scrappy and all-volunteer shoot. It took about an hour and it created an absolute firestorm in the days leading up to the election.