I was listening to this song on repeat at 2AM, drinking beer and writing in Sharpie on pictures of millenials when I remembered that the Pledge of Allegiance was originally a marketing campaign targeting teens.

I shot the entire campaign, including like every famous person in the world on my iPhone 4.

We ended up motivating over a 1,000,000 more youth voters than in 2008.


Below you can see some examples of the gridded posters we shot and no one got any special treatment.
When the Obama campaign shared this on their Facebook page it broke all their records, with 20% of their audience re-posting.


The outcry from the right was massive.
From the Fox News roundtables, to the parodies by conservative luminaries like Governor Rick Perry, this simple idea let everyone express themselves.
We hoped for this type of reaction, and we got it.


Here are some examples of favorite user-generated posts. At the time it was the most successful Instagram campaign ever.