I am not a storyteller.

No one wants to be told anything by anyone anymore, especially me and you.

For 20 years, I’ve been writing interactive experiences for people so they can have their own stories to tell.

In TV commercials, digital content, books, speeches, theater shows, improvised experiences, immersive ARGs, mapping projects, book adaptations, and interactive films every experience i create aims to blur the line between online and offline, create a real emotional response and get seen by lots and lots of people.

Also, any work on the site is stuff I was a creative lead on, if you'd like more, lemme know.

But I won an Emmy for new approaches to storytelling.

And ...

  • A Silver Pencil
  • 4 Webbys
  • A Pointy glass one
  • A brass one
  • A few internet ones with no statues 
  • I wrote and directed Time's #3 commercial of 2012
  • Most importantly I've made it to the front page of Reddit three (3) times.

And I told some stories on:


I've created Campaigns & Content for:

  • Under Armour*
  • JCPenney* **
  • Madison Square Garden*
  • Obama for President* **
  • Intel* **
  • HBO*
  • Kraft* **
  • LG **
  • US FDA* **
  • Tresemme
  • St. Ives* **
  • The AFL-CIO* **
  • Becks **
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters **
  • Acuvue*
  • Chevy*
  • Pebble* 
  • RushCard

* pitched & won

I've shown interactive projects at:

  • The Museum of Contemporary Art in LA
  • The Museum of Modern Art in NY 
  • The New Museum in NY
  • The Whitney Museum
  • The Denver Museum of Natural Science
  • The Edinburgh Comedy Festival